Scrub Vs Scrub: Which Exfoliating Body Scrub Is For You?

Body scrubs are big business right now, and there are so many on the market. Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to get that Winter skin ready for flesh baring Spring outfits. But with so many to choose from, body scrub is going to freshen and exfoliate your skin the best? A charcoal scrub? Coffee? Salt or sugar? Are they all the same? I road tested a few, so that you don’t have to.

How To Scrub

  1. Once or twice a week, stand in your shower or bath because scrubs get messy!
  2. Rub over your skin gently, in a circular motion to exfoliate and massage skin. Do no use a body scrub on your face, they’re way too harsh.
  3. Rinse off and enjoy smooth skin. You can also follow up with your fave body lotion.

Charcoal Scrub

This is a body scrub from Scrub Love, who do a range of body scrubs with all natural ingredients. These guys do a range of different ones, from charcoal and coffee to sugar and salt, with a price range from about £11 to £14. Charcoal scrubs are designed to not just exfoliate but also draw out impurities in the skin to cleanse and purify. Some claim to reduce pore size or cellulite too. The one pictured below is a Cucumber and Bamboo Activated Scrub (buy HERE) £13.95, so it has some added ingredients to make this detoxifying even stronger. This one is gentle enough for all skin types, though I would generally say that charcoal scrubs can be a little more harsh that the sugar and salt scrubs, so might not be for sensitive skin. Although I do think Scrub Love are really good, this charcoal scrub smells pretty awful. Not luxurious at all, it smells like what it is: burnt plants and mud. lol. But, it does work as a scrub.

Sugar and Salt Scrubs

My personal favourites are the sugar and salt scrubs. (Fresh beauty does an amazing sugar lip scrub if your lips need exfoliating, £19.50 HERE) They’re a little less harsh on skin, so if you’re skin is a bit sensitive or needs a little love, these are good starting points. I also think they feel a bit more like a treat to use, and the salt and sugars melt in your tub, so they’re slightly less messy. But still kinda messy. Sanctuary Spa, which seem to be everywhere in the UK (supermarkets, Boots, etc) do both a salt HERE and a warming sugar scrub HERE, for £13 each which are both good, and smell and feel delicious. Generally, sugar granules are slightly smaller, which means that sugar scrubs are a little less abrasive, and salt scrubs tend to draw out impurities a little more. My all-time favourite is Arriana Skincare Ultra Exoliating Body Treatment in Milk and Honey, which smells incredible and feels like something Cleopatra would have used, made from Dead Sea Salts, $90 USD, buy HERE. This brand does ship internationally.

Coffee Scrub

You know what’s great about coffee scrubs? If you’re looking at the products above and thinking, geez, they’re expensive… Well, you can make your own coffee scrub. If you have or know someone who uses ground coffee, you can simply scrub with the used coffee grounds. (Don’t use unused ones, they’re really rough!) Drinking coffee is said to contribute to cellulite but the caffeine in the grounds when applied to the skin actually reduces water retention and cellulite. Coffee scrubs are a little rougher than sugar and salt, so be gentle with your skin, but they really do work, and who doesn’t love the scent of coffee? If you can’t or don’t feel like making your own, Scrub Love do a great range of coffee scrubs, infused with extra ingredients. But another favourite coffee scrub brand is Frank Body, who do a great Original Coffee scrub for £12.95 HERE, also available in a lovely coconut or chocolate scent. But their Shimmer Scrub £15.95 HERE is a hero product that exfoliates, detoxes skin, and leaves your body with a gentle all over shimmer.

What’s your favourite scrub, or scrub brand? Got any body scrub tips? Leave me a comment below and join the conversation. And as always, you can find me on Twitter @CravenWild and on Instagram @hermioneflavia. Thanks for reading!

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