Jughead Beanie from Betty And Veronica, Plus 15% Off Code. (And Also Some New Beauty Faves)

It’s a bit of a short post this week, but I wanted to share some fun things with you, that I’ve been loving this week, including this awesome beanie that’s so soft and cozy, and which you might recognise as the one Jughead wears in the show Riverdale…

First of all, I’m partnering with the brand Betty and Veronica to bring you 15% off using code HERMIONE15. I’m a bit obsessed with this brand, which I came across after getting really into the show Riverdale, which is a modern, dark take on the Archie Comics. Betty And Veronica celebrates the friendship between the two ladies in Archie’s life, and has an awesome retro, classic feel. I love their positive and fun vibe, and their products are so exciting and great quality too. I love retro and vintage style, so you can look out for me wearing more of their items in the coming months, and you can also use the code to get your 15% off. Or click HERE to check out the Jughead beanie, $17 USD.

For this look, I used my blog as an excuse to buy more lipstick, and picked up Maybelline Matt Ink in Dreamer £9. This is probably one of the first matt lipsticks that I’ve used that I really like. The colour is a natural rose and I think would suit anyone. What I love is that it’s easy to apply and doesn’t dry out your lips, but also, once it’s on, it stays and stays all day. You don’t have to reapply even if you’re eating and kissing your gorgeous boyfriend (just for you guys, I checked). I also used my lovely Revlon Sculpt and Highlight in Light, which you can read more about in my previous post HERE.

Because I have naturally curly, ringlet-y hair, I actually know almost nothing about haircare, other than how to take care of my own, most of the time. Recently I was given a huge can of Batiste Dry Shampoo £5 and kind of wanted to try it out. So I asked my sister in law about it, because she knows EVERYTHING about hair, and she made some hilarious comments about people being dirty and not washing their hair, and then told me how to use it. You can use this product to reduce the oiliness in your roots, extend your wash basically, or if you have fine hair you can use it to get volume. It felt pretty weird to use, because you spray it onto your scalp and it feels COLD. But it does give root volume, texture and removes oil. None of these things were problems for me before, but I do think it’s a pretty interesting and quality product. So that’s a new recommendation for you. Have you tried this product? Do you love it?

Finally, I’ve been really enjoying using la Theorie Des Volcans Noir Eternae Mask and Scrub, approx £25, this week. I got it in a Glossybox, and actually couldn’t find a website for them, so I can’t include a purchase link. But I thought I’d tell you about it anyway, because you might be able to find it. You use it 2 times a week, after gentle cleansing, and you gently exfoliate your skin with it, leaving it on as a mask for about 2 minutes. It smells decadent, and has a volcanic rock base, with mullein and lingonberry extracts for a youth boost, as well as amethyst extract, which I’m not convinced is a real thing, but this scrub mask does make you feel like you’re gently exfoliating with jewels. So there you go. I’m not sure that I’d pay the huge price tag for this one, when there are other great brands out there that are perhaps more effective, but it does work and has a lovely luxurious feel to it.

Cole Sprouse as Jughead in his beanie in TV show Riverdale. 

So that’s me this week, with the new things I’m obsessed with right now, especially my Jughead beanie HERE. If you want to check out Betty and Veronica, click HERE. And don’t for get to use the code HERMIONE15 for your 15% discount. And of course, let me know in the comments section of you’ve tried any of these products or if you have tips, always love to hear them!

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