Spring Clean Your Diet with Huel, Nutritionally Complete Food.

At the risk of this looking like a total advert, and the brand did send me a starter kit for this product, if you’re feeling like Spring is here and you want to take care of your health and well being, Huel might be the product you’re looking for. It’s not a diet product, but it is a complete meal, which means that you can get your health and body in balance with ease, and have truly healthy meals on the go.

I don’t believe in fad diets and diet products. What I believe in is making sure that your basic diet is healthy, balanced, and has the range of carbs, protein and vitamins that you need. But it’s not always easy to make sure that that happens through meal plans. And what about when you’re in a rush? So, that’s where Huel comes in. It’s not a protein shake or a diet shake, it’s a complete meal. You can use it on the go, to replace one meal a day or all three, and you’ll be getting a balanced, healthy, nutritionally complete diet.

Huel is made from all natural ingredients, like oats, flaxseeds, pea protein and brown rice, which means that it’s also vegan friendly, good for the environment and it’s also low GI, so you won’t end up feeling hungry. I have the vanilla flavour Huel, and add the chocolate flavour boost, but there are loads of other flavour boosts, so you won’t get bored of the taste. On it’s own, it’s quite nice. It’s got a slightly oaty flavour, but it’s a nice taste. The cool thing is that you can also make it into cakes, cookies, pancakes and other things as a flour substitute.

For me, I wanted to make my diet a little more healthy and nutritionally balanced after the long Winter months this year, and I like to use this food once a day to make sure that that happens, or when I’m rushing out to a screening and want a healthy meal with no prep and fuss. My boyfriend is a gym bunny and he loves this product, he’s started using it for one or two meals a day. It works out as costing about £1.30 for a 500 calorie meal, so it’s an affordable and easy way to make sure you’re getting balanced nutrition.

I genuinely think this is a cool product, so I wanted to share it with you guys here, so though the brand did send me the starter kit (thank you Huel!), they didn’t ask me to share it with you on the blog. I just wanted to. If you want to know more about Huel, head over to their website HERE.

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