Lady In Red: Beautiful Garnet Jewelry from

Juwelo is a brand that specialises in gemstone jewelry, with online stores in Europe (UK site is HERE) and live TV auctions. They have a huge range of stones and design styles, and they’re now expanding into the US with an online store. I teamed up with them on a sponsored post to share their brand with you, (but of course, all opinions are my own honest ones, as always) and to show you some items that I love.

I love classic, elegant jewelry styles, so for myself I chose these Garnet pieces, because I felt like the earrings had a certain Art Deco style, while the drop necklace matched, but also had a 1920’s feel. I can wear them together as a set, or separately. As a girl who loves her red lipstick, deep bold Mozambique Garnets are the perfect stone, with their deep red colour, and Juwelo cuts stones beautifully so that they really gleam. I was so excited when these arrived a few days ago, and have been finding any excuse to wear them. They’re beautifully made, and feel very comfortable to wear all day. The earrings are solid, but feel really light.

Juwelo focuses on making jewelry affordable, and because of this, they have a range of items at different price points. (For example, for the items I chose, you don’t have to spend more than $100 USD.) My choices are sterling silver and garnet, but I can also choose gold, white gold or platinum items, and a huge range of stones, from pearls and opals, to diamonds and emeralds, and the price will vary, but always with a focus on elegant affordability. Why am I not just linking my items so you can buy them too? Because Juwelo has a massive range, but once something is sold out, it’s gone. You’re not going to see everyone wearing that item that you had your eye on, and I love that. I almost feel like this set was made just for me!

Garnets are the birthstone of those born in January and are the traditional gift for second wedding anniversaries. For me, there’s something old fashioned and elegant about them, and they were revered in ancient times as a protective stone. Juwelo has a beautiful range of Garnet jewelry HERE, and they also have sections on their site so you can look up the history and lore about all their stones, as well as how to care for them properly. You can also check what your birthstone is and what stone is assigned to your horoscope. Their site is really well organised and easy to use, with a huge range of filters and things, so you can search by stone or setting or cut, by type (rings, bracelet, necklaces, etc), or price. And because of their huge range, you’ll find modern styles as well as vintage or classic items, so there’s something for everyone.

I feel like quality is really important when you’re talking about price points. What really got me excited about sharing Juwelo with you is not only that it really is affordable for a range of people, but that you get quality and beautiful design for the price. The metals and stones used are beautiful quality and the items I got feel well made and strong, without being heavy or sturdy. I love my garnet necklace and earrings.

Because I can’t link you a page where you can buy what I’m wearing, I thought I’d share with you some of the items that I fell in love with on Juwelo.  You can see the range of prices when you run your mouse over the images goes from $15 to $259, and as each of these sell, they will no longer be available. Go take a look on Juwelo, or follow them on Instagram @juwelousa.

Have you used Juwelo before (in the US or the UK)? Do you have a favorite gemstone or jewelry style? Or even just an interesting gemstone story? Id love to hear from you in the comments section below. And you can also find me on Twitter @CravenWild or on Instagram @hermioneflavia.

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