Talk Body Positive: White Summer Bikini And Maxi Dress from

I’m one of the few women I know who likes her body. I just like being me. It’s oddly unfashionable to like yourself. There seems to be a thought that a woman who likes herself is somehow arrogant or uncaring. But what’s uncaring about saying, hey, it’s fun being me? It’s wonderful being a woman? Accepting a compliment from someone with a simple thank you does not make you a bad person and liking your own body does not mean that you think you’re perfect. I just means appreciating yourself as if you were your own best friend. This week, I teamed up with, who are currently promoting their Summer swimwear line. And you know what else they’re promoting? Body positivity. have a huge range of items, and it’s always really fun to go through their site and play around. I picked out this white bikini because I loved it’s retro vibes. The halter top has a Marilyn Monroe vibe with it’s tie back, and the bottoms have a ring detail at the sides. The whole thing reminded me of Ursula Andress in Dr No (her cute bikini isn’t halter and has a little belt, but you get the idea). This set is the Bahamas Moulded Enhanced Triangle Bikini, £18, which you can shop HERE. One of the biggest problems I have with swimwear is that I’m a bra size 30E, so I need something that gives a little hold and support. Buying swimwear can be a bit of a trial, because I want something that makes me feel good and is comfortable and pretty, but the top needs to be a bit like a bra. I got this in a size 10, and because it has moulded cups, it works. Recommended!

Boohoo has a range for curves, plus size, petite and tall girls, amongst other ranges, and they have had some really cool collaborations with bloggers. I’ve worn quite a few pieces from them on this blog now, and I’m always happy with the price and the variety. This maxi dress is the fourth maxi I have bought from Boohoo, which is amazing because I’m only about 5ft 2, so long dresses can be in issue. This is a sheer and floaty beach cover up, with a flamingo print mixed into tropical palms. It’s halter at the top, and has a smocked band along the back, with a low cut. It cover this bikini beautifully, but allows you to show it off a little because if the cut. It also has a cute slit in the long skirt, so you can flash a little tanned leg. If you’re the kind of girl who tans! Freya Tropical Flamingo Maxi Beach Dress £18, shop this dress HERE.

You know, just because I like my body and feel good about it doesn’t mean that I always feel confident. I’m not super thin like a model, I don’t have a flat stomach, I’m quite pale, and I also felt shy about sharing pictures of myself dressed in a tiny bikini on my blog. But that’s not really what body positivity is about. It’s not about being someone else’s idea of perfect, or trying to build ourselves up by putting someone else down (I hate those tabloid magazines who post pictures of some poor girls cellulite. So she’s famous and has cellulite, who cares?). The thing is, all women are beautiful. While some women might think they’re too fat, have too many freckles, or whatever, that will be the very thing that we, their friends, family’s, or their partners or husbands, are drawn to and love about them. Don’t hide that light under a bushel, ladies, embrace your gorgeous selves, and tell the haters to go jump!

Thank you Boohoo, for asking me to share my thoughts on body positivity with you, and for sending me a bikini and cover up of my choice for these photographs. If you want to get a cute and really flattering swimsuit or cover up, check out’s range HERE. You can find something for all shapes and sizes, and confidence levels. And please, in the comments, I’d love to hear from you about what your favourite thing about yourself is.

7 thoughts on “Talk Body Positive: White Summer Bikini And Maxi Dress from

  1. Congratulations on the gig with Boohoo and for feeling good about your body. I agree that I really find it distasteful the need for paparazzi to grab celebrities at the beach and show off any flaws they may have. I understand the conventional idea of beauty comes from things that the majority of us find attractive. But mostly we should aim to be healthy and have the people closest to use like us for who we are and find us attractive. I mean I could say you look great in the photos but who gives a shit. Your boyfriend, your family and friends, yourself. Maybe Boohoo customers. That’s who matters but no one more than yourself.

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    1. Yeah, it’s one of those things. And the most important opinion of yourself is always your own. THere’s a lot of toxic shame out there, and it’s best to not buy into it and to just be you, and feel good about that.

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