Getting through packing with Cocktails and Macarons.

With exactly two weeks til we move from London and head to Canada, there has been so much going on and loads of final tasks on my to-do list.  Its all slowly coming together and I’m really excited. One thing that made it all a bit easier this week was a sweet delivery from Cocktails And Macarons.

Cocktails and Macarons is a catering company based in Cambridge that deliver, well, pre-mixed cocktails and macarons. If you’re planning a girls night or a corporate event, they do a range of macaron favours and towers, and their pre-mixed cocktails are made from natural ingredients. The melon cooler has a delicious fresh scent, and the lemon gin tini tastes a little like a lemon cheesecake with a kick. I filled my mug (my glasses were all packed) and sipped a pina colada while packing, and had a sweet macaron or two as well. Made the moving chores go a lot faster this week.

Moving house is always a funny thing. You come across things you forgot you had, and you realise how much you’ve accumulated over time. I ended up donating almost all of my shoes, except for the few pairs that are comfortable and that I really love. I packed those, and then had a little film premiere and had to wear flats. ha ha! Since we’re moving to a new country, I felt like letting go of a lot of my clothes and almost starting over. I’m really looking forward to shopping for Autumn in Vancouver. (This t -shirt is one that I love, it’s from Betty and Veronica. $24)

If you’d like to know more about CocktailsAndMacarons head to their website HERE. They’re also running a kickstarter campaign to put their premixed drinks in retail outlets, so go support them. You can also find them on Facebook @cocktailsandmacarons, Twitter @cocktails_macs and Instagram @cocktails_macarons.

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