Home Update: Bird Print Bedroom Curtains

Curtains make such a difference in a room. As you know, we moved to Vancouver with no furniture, and it’s been really fun buying little things and making our flat more like a home. These beautiful curtains are full of native birds and insects, and I love waking up and looking at them in the morning.

A little before shot for you. The light in this shot actually hides that these curtains were ripped and full of dust. Our flat is mostly a mossy green colour, with terracotta feature walls. It doesn’t look too bad here, but the wine colour in these curtains clashed horribly.

I’m pretty sure these are from IKEA, and they remind me so much of 70’s flocked wallpaper. They have this awful cheap texture and they caught all the time, so you couldn’t really open and close them.

Here is the window without curtains. (You can see the scaffolding outside where they are doing work on our balcony) I quite like these blinds. It’s nice to be able to choose how much light you want to block out, and all that.

And after. The light changed as I was putting the curtains up, so our room isn’t as orange as it looks here. But I think these fit with the natural, earthy tones of our place.

They pull right across quite smoothly, and although they’re a light colour, they are actually designed to block out light and have a thermal like effect, to keep you toasty in Winter. I’m really happy with them. Of course, they will look a lot better when we have bedroom furniture and our sheets arrive… lol.

These come in four colour tones, mine are the Green, and they are available in a great range of sizes too. These specific ones were $85 CAD on Amazon.ca HERE.  Honestly, I’m really happy with the quality and the print. 

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