Sweet Treats: My New Fave Place, Cacao 70, and Betty & Veronica Tee.

I absolutely love chocolate. Obsessed. Right near our new home is a truly wonderful place that does waffles and pancakes, and things that are not sweet too. But their big selling point is chocolate. And we (my man and I) head there at some point most weekends. That place is Cacao70. 

Enjoying a cocoa in my adorable Betty And Veronica Sabrina Tee. I love this shirt. (It’s actually sold out, but you can pre-order it or shop their other Sabrina tees HERE, and use code HERMIONE15 for 15% off.) 

This isn’t really a review, exactly. But we were there this weekend, again, and it felt so nice to walk in and the waitress knew us. It just made me happy. And so I wanted to share it with you guys, just because. Of course, if you’re in the area, I highly recommend this place. 

The food is delicious. I usually order something sweet, but my boyfriend likes their all day breakfast. I love that they use real chocolate, not that overly sweet candy type chocolate. It can be really hard to find chocolate that’s the real thing sometimes. 

Cacao70 has a few different restaurants and stores around Vancouver, so if you want to find one near you, take a look at their website HERE. Sadly, you can’t buy their products online, but I have bought their milk chocolate cocoa to drink at home, and I LOVE it. In case you were concerned, this food pictures were not all taken on the same day. Ha ha!

I love Cacao 70, so if you can get to one of their outlets I recommend it. Or if you can’t, get someone to go there for you and mail you their cocoa or chocolate. It’s so good! 

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