Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration and Indigo Shopping Haul.

Since moving to Canada, we’ve had a few holidays pass, like Halloween and Christmas, and it’s really struck me how much people get into things here. I really love it. One of our local burger joints has furry hearts and glittery pink tinsel every where ahead of Valentines Day, and the Valentines’ cards here allow for you to send one to everyone you know, your grandma and your best friend, as well as your romantic partners. I’m sure some of you will want to chalk it up to commercialism, but it’s not that that I’m talking about. It’s the way that people here are happier and looking to celebrate and be festive, to do things for others and to get involved in something. It’s one more thing I love about being here.

I think I need a chair like this in my house. 

On Sunday night, there was a Valentine’s themed shopping event for members at Indigo. Indigo is a bookstore chain, for those of you who don’t live in North America, but it’s one of those new bookstores that sells not just books, but funny things you might need while reading books. Like “reading socks” (they’re $30 and seem like normal socks only furrier), all kinds of mugs, tea, cookies, journals, pens, candles, cushions, infusers, yoga mats…. I think of them as a bookstore, but books are really about half of what they sell. And even though I don’t go there to buy mugs or whatever, I’m always really delighted by the things they have and how pretty the whole store is. I always end up buying some random thing that I love.

I love the mystery of buying a book that you can’t judge by it’s cover. 

So, I was really excited to head to their private shopping event for Valentine’s Day.

Me and the tarot reader…. 
Cartoon version of me, my man, and our cat. lol. 

It was really amazing. They had gone all out, with caricature artists, tarot readers, free wine, a raffle door prize, and some great discounts. And their items for Valentine’s Day were really lovely, ranging from the cute and sweet to the more mature or elegant. I picked up some fun things, that I wanted to share with you and I also thought it would be a good place to do a Valentine’s Gift Guide. You can shop Indigo online, or you can use this guide as inspiration to find your own similar items for someone special. I’m in no way affiliated with Indigo, so this isn’t sponsored by them or anything. Shopping there was just the starting point that got me inspired for this post.

  • Love Card Fill In The Blanks $5 HERE, these are really cute cards that you personalise for someone you love. They’re pretty but also personal, and under $10 if you’re on a budget or aren’t big into Valentine’s.
  • Coffee Mug Let’s Avocuddle $9 HERE, this one would be perfect for a guy or a girl, and I think it’s pretty hilarious. Indigo has some incredible mugs.
  • Pure Peony Blush Candle $7.50 HERE, I feel like this scent is really lovely for Valetine’s Day, but if you’re buying for a guy, I recommend their woodfire scent. It’s wonderful. These come in a range of sizes.
  • Heart Tea Strainer $9 HERE, a tea strainer is always a handy thing, and this one is shaped like a heart. Indigo also sells tea.
  • The Princess Bride by William Goldman $16.45 HERE, a book is a great gift, and this one is considered one of the most romantic of all time. But it’s a book that I know will be great for men as well as women. (In fact, I know loads of guys who love this book)
  • Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies $12 These aren’t available online, but they are delicious. You can get heart shaped cookies, candy or chocolate everywhere at the moment, and though they’re kind of cheesey maybe, there’s something really delightful about a classic, old school Valentine’s Day gift.

You could spend a lot on your Valentine’s Day gift, but sometimes the simple things are the best. A hand written card, a thoughtfully chosen romantic book, or a heart shaped candy. I think Valentine’s is a great excuse to do something nice for someone else, and often the gesture means a lot more than the amount you spend.

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