I Smell Snow… A Walk In The Vancouver Snow.

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

“Flakes, flurries, whirls, crystals. Whatever it comes in, I’ll take it. We go back, snow and me. We have a beautiful history.” – Gilmore Girls. As Lorelei knows, there’s something magical about snow. This is our first year in Canada, and we didn’t think we would get any snow, but this week, in February, we have! It’s currently -2c out there and the snow is still falling. Everything looks like a Christmas card or a wedding cake, frosted and bright.

Cathedral in Stanley Park

It’s snowed where I grew up in Australia and it also snowed in London, and I’ve always loved it. Here, I noticed people shoveling each others walks and foot paths, which made me smile because, bless them, they didn’t have to. People are kind to each other here, more than some other places I’ve lived.

English Bay

Something about heading down to the beach gave me a real kick. When we arrived here in September, I sat in the sun, now here there’s snow on the sand. The water looks surreal and beautiful to me with the snow falling on the ducks and geese and sand.

The sand on the beach is still there under the snow.

I can’t say I’m an expert on dressing for snow, but I’m really happy with my Laundry By Shelli Segal coat $310 (on SALE at Hudson’s Bay for $155 HERE) It’s toasty warm but doesn’t feel too bulky. It has soft furry lining in the hood and pockets. These grey suede boots are waterproof and slip proof, from Blondo. This style is called Ellie and you can find it on Nordstrom’s site HERE. $236, but currently on sale for $180.

Stanley Park

Red lipstick is perfect as a bright pop of colour for Winter weather, or anytime really. This one is a creamy matt from Sephora #lipstories in 22. These are so cheap, under $10, but this true red is really lovely, and the tube has a carousel print on it. Look at all the snow settling on my hat! ha ha!

Little birds eating seed left for them in the snow.

Well, this is what I’ve been wearing and where I’ve been going in the snowy weather here. Not venturing far from home, but enjoying the beautiful city I live and staying cozy in boots and cozy coats with fur trim. What are your tips to stay warm this Winter?

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