The Easy Way To Enlightenment by Leigh Ann Kittell

When Leigh Ann Kittell emailed me and asked me to read her book and review it, I was pretty intrigued by the title. Spirituality and spiritual practice often seem hard to adopt into every day life and enlightenment seems like something that only spiritual masters can ever attain. But what if that’s not true? What if there’s an easy way?

Leigh Ann Kittell is a yoga teacher, intuitive reader and coach based in Germany, who decided to write a book pulling together her knowledge and understanding of how to reach enlightenment. (You can check out here website HERE) In this book, she looks at seven lessons which she explores to help you reach enlightenment. She draws from various sources and practices, so her approach is non-denominational and inclusive, and also works on the idea that you follow your own sense of what feels right and what’s right for you.

I liked how simple the approach was in this book. The sense that you can start where you are, and that anyone can do it was very appealing. I enjoyed reading Kittell’s concepts and ideas, and I like the notion that enlightenment can happen where you are and that it can be kind of easy. Sometimes there’s a sense that only perfect people can be spiritual, and I think this book really challenges that idea. I feel like this book’s focus on reconnecting with your soul and with nature was very reassuring. I also liked that there are further resources and reflections on the points of each chapter at the end.

There is nothing in this book that would offend anyone’s religion in this book, so don’t be put off. It’s also a book that anyone could pick up and read, the concepts are laid out simply and I found the writing style quite clear. Some readers might be put off by the more woowoo aspect of the book, perhaps, like channelling spirits or the layers of personality, but I think if you’re interested in this subject area, you’ll have already come across these ideas and can take them or leave them as you feel.

I don’t normally review this kind of book on my blog here, and it was fun to branch out a little. I enjoyed reading this book, on the whole, and took some lessons from it or some reminders of concepts that could be applied in my life in new ways. I think if you’re looking for an entry point into living a more spiritual or enlightened life, then you might like this book.

If you’d like to know more about Leigh Ann Kittell, check out her website HERE and if you’d like to purchase the book, you can read or listen to the first chapters HERE, or buy it on HERE.

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