Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion by Sali Hughes

pretty honest

Sali Hughes is a British beauty legend. A beauty journalist who writes a regular column for the Guardian, she has a long history of writing about beauty and has tried out pretty much every skincare, hair product or makeup item you can imagine. In her book, Pretty Honest, she uses her no nonsense attitude and wide knowledge to create a book that tells you everything you need to know about beauty, including how to find the perfect red lipstick (yes, there really is one for everyone) and what products are just placebos (toner, eye cream, cellulite lotions).

The book is a soft blush pink, and has beautiful, Instagram-y images. It’s a nice volume to have on your coffee table or bookshelf. It’s feels like a lovely feminine read, but at the same time, Sali Hughes really knows what she’s talking about, and the book is a great resource for those who love beauty and have all the creams known to man, or those who wear barely anything and love to just have healthy skin and mascara.

I love the way she reminds us that beauty is fun and body positive. It’s about enjoying being female and looking your best, whatever that means to you. I also found parts of her book quite sweet and funny. She approaches useful things, like what basic kit you need and how to choose your signature perfume, to amusing but very useful chapters about how to deal with staff at beauty counters and waxing.

As a girl who loves beauty and makeup, I really enjoyed this book, and have to recommend it, whether you feel like you know beauty or whether you’re looking for a place to start and some good information. Sali is out to sell anything, but to share her passion and to help other women enjoy feeling good about themselves and take care of themselves. It’s full of knowledge and good advice from someone down to earth who really knows what she’s talking about. A great book to dip into or to read whole.

Read It If: this one is for beauty lovers or the women in your life. Down to earth, fun, empowering and honest, it’s a great resource.

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