Something Different: Vertical Name Necklace from Sincerely Silver Co

I love monogrammed items and this isn’t the first time I’ve teamed up with Sincerely Silver Co because they do beautiful personalised jewelry with real silver but at a really affordable price. Name necklaces are so special. They make me think of friendship bracelets, never ending childhood summers and Carrie Bradshaw. There’s something feminine about them, almost girly, but not crossing over into cheesey territory.

But this particular one is something special, because while most name necklaces sit horizontally, this one drops down vertically. I think it’s really cute and feels different to other name necklaces out there. (Sincerely Silver Co do some really cute horizonal ones as well).

Take a look here: and remember to use code FRIENDS15 for 15% off.

Retailing at $55 and with the option of three different chain lengths, I think this would make such a great gift. Because not only can you put your name, but you could choose any word that means something to you, from your child or partners name, to words that make you feel inspired like “namaste” “love” or anything you like. And when it’s worn, you or the person you give it to, will know it’s the only one like it in the world. Unique, just like the person wearing it.

I think these would be a great Mother’s Day gift, you could put a child’s or your Mom’s name, or even the word that you think describes her best. It’s made from real sterling silver and is beautiful quality. You can also use code FRIENDS15 for 15% off.

Thank you, Sincerely Silver Co for sending me this necklace. Though they sent me this item, all opinions here in are honest and my own.

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