Breakfast Date: Retro Polka Dot Sunglasses and Lipstick That Lasts All Day.

Perfect Butterfly Sunglasses from Betty & Veronica

Being our first year here in Vancouver, it still all feels really new. The Spring brought loads of flowers and baby birds, and now Summer is here and the sunshine is on. It’s such a wonderful thing after years in London, and the seasons feel really distinct here. Another new thing about being here is food. We’d never been to a Denny’s before, and to me it’s a chain that will ever be associated with American sit com jokes about the senior citizens special. The portion sizes are insanely large and the price is insanely cheap after UK prices, so it’s now one of my boyfriend’s favourite breakfast suggestions.

Denny’s Choc Chip Banana Pancakes

Thick pancakes seem so North American to me. My Dad used to make amazing pancakes, but always the thinner, more crepe like recipe. Delicious with lemon and sugar. But a breakfast like the above is always great if you’re going to be on the go all day.

After a late breakfast, we always go for a long walk, either through Stanley Park or down along the seawall. It’s never the same twice, the sky and the ocean always feel different and the sunsets are beautiful. We usually talk for hours as we walk and there’s usually raccoon, squirrels, and loads of people walking their dogs.

Style Notes:

These sunglasses are so retro and they remind me of an old school 50’s cadillac with it’s fin shape. I’ve been wearing these everywhere already. They’re currently on sale, and you can also use code HERMIONE15 for 15% off. Under $90 CAD.

Shop Here

This lip color is a total must have! It’s from the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink range, all of which stay all day and have a true colour without drying out your lips loads. Yes, they last through breakfast and you can kiss your boyfriend too. But they’re not hard to remove. This shade is 10 Dreamer and I think it’s a pretty flattering pink that’s not too nude. Retails for about $12 CAD.

Shop Here.

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