Style Inspo: A Spring Walk in Vancouver

With the sun out, I’ve taken to heading out for little walks in the afternoon. One of my favourite things is to put on a podcast and just soak up the sun and stretch my legs. But where ever you go at the moment, there’s plenty of nature to see too. It’s perfect sunglasses and tee shirt weather, so check out the style notes at the bottom on this post too.

Canada Goose in Stanley Park

I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of Canada Geese. They’re so funny and super confident. At this time of year, a lot of them have little fluffy goslings as well. I think they’re quite an elegant bird in their coloring.

It’s blue skies for miles and the beaches are starting to fill with people. But that said, it never seems to get too crowded. We’ve started dipping our toes in the water, and loads of people have started swimming already. The Rhododendron are really popular here and they’re all out in bloom. They look quite tropical with their bright colours.

Mallard Ducks on Lost Lagoon.

Lost Lagoon has beautiful paths that wind around it and the ducks find secluded places to swim in peace and raise their little ducklings. It feels full of life there. I did actually spot a turtle there recently and a breif glimpse of an otter, but neither wanted to stick around for a photo. I discovered that the poet Pauline Johnson, who I love and who loved Stanley Park, named it Lost Lagoon because it used to disappear when the tide went out. You get great views of the city from this path.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life. The daisies that grow wild in the grass may not be exotic, but the bees love them and so do I. They seem like a symbol of peaceful happiness.

Style Notes:

These Sabrina sunglasses from Betty and Veronica are sold out currently, but did come in a range of colours. I own about 3 pairs of their sunglasses and love all of them. Currently they’re having a sale, and you can also use code HERMIONE15 for 15% off.


This lipstick is of course the Belle lipstick from Colorpop Cosmetics Disney Designer range. It’s a beautiful rose pink and so creamy and lasting. Beautiful. And under $10!!


V neck tee is so soft and comfortable! I’m obsessed with Out Of Print Tee’s and even bought some for my boyfriend too. All of them have book themed prints on them, and they also sell a range of accessories like socks and things. The women’s come in crew neck, v neck, scoop neck and a relaxed fit so unlike a lot of tees, if you have curves in all the right places you can get tees that fit and that suit you. This one is $28, comes in other colours and styles.


4 thoughts on “Style Inspo: A Spring Walk in Vancouver

  1. Cordelia.

    Wow, i love how you described this walk. Simply so peaceful and appreciative. What podcasts do you listen to? And those Sabrina sunglasses are so cute! I love it! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, you know that’s how it felt so I’m glad it came across. Podcasts I love are My Favorite Murder, You Must Remember This and Criminal or This Is Love. What about you? Aren’t the sunglasses fun?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cordelia.

        Ooo, okay I’m gonna go check them out! I listen to couples therapy by casey & candice neistat and right now I’m really into Bill Burr’s podcast because he is such a comedy genius.

        Liked by 1 person

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