Love’s First Kiss: Colorpop Disney Designer Snow White Lipstick

I feel like I’m a little obsessed with Colorpop lately. I have the Belle Set from the Disney Designer range, and also some other things on the way that I ordered from them. I love the idea of Disney makeup that’s playful but also for grown ups. Or grown ups who are kids at heart, I guess. This is the Snow White lipstick from the Disney Designer range.

As you can see, the packaging is really pretty and has Snow White herself looking like a 1930’s starlet in a dress that hints at her fairytale origins but also has a kind of vintage feel too. The inside of the box is red and the lipstick bullet is covered with the autohraphs of the Disney Princesses. The cases is gold toned metal and feels slightly heavy, all of which is really pretty and feels a bit luxurious.

Colorpop calls this a lux lipstick, which means that it glides on softly and feels buttery in texture but still with a full colour punch. It also contains nice things that make your lips feel soft and healthy, so it’s not drying. I have to agree that it’s a really nice formula that doesn’t dry out lips and lasts really well.

I also feel like this shade of red is perfectly delicious. It’s a real apple red, bright and true, and feels very old school in it’s boldness. To me, it really feels like the right red for a Snow White, with her association with apples and and the red lipsticks that were popular in the late 1930’s.

The only problem I have, and I don’t have this problem with the Belle lipstick from the same range, is that the color bleeds slightly at the lip edge, which is something I hate. When wearing red lipstick, or any bolder or darker shade types, I always use a lip liner and blot with a tissue, but this one seemed to bleed anyway, so I’m going to have to play around with it a little to see what works best.

Other wise, I can’t believe that a really fun and covetable product like this and of this quality, is only $8!


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