Natural Look: Bronze and Caramel Motd

I used to feel like brown and taupe eyeshadows were pretty dull fare. A natural makeup look can be nice, but it’s generally not something that you get excited about. But then smokey chocolate eyes became a thing, and my mind was changed. This look is done with Colorpop Cosmetics eyeshadow palette I Think I Love You and a simple Tart tinted lip balm, and I think it’s just on the bolder, more fun side of natural and anything but boring.

Colorpop Cosmetics I Think I Love You eye shadow palette, $16 USD, HERE.

Tarte Cosmetics Quench Lip Rescue in Nude, $26 (currently on sale $14) CAD, HERE.

The Coloupop palette has a compliment of metallic and matt shades so you can go more natural or full Egyptian goddess if you want to. I like that the palettes from this brand always have strong pigment and with this range of colours, you can take any look from day to night. The metallics, as you can see above and below, are shiny but not disco ball, so they’re really flattering.

The Tarte Lip Quench is actually my first time trying this brand. I love the beautiful gold and pink shell print on the tube, and their range of Rainforest of the Sea products are insanely pretty and mermaid-like. This is a lip balm that goes on smoothly and has a cute hint of colour. You can see that it kind of looks a little like a gloss when it’s on. I think it’s a pretty great product.

What colours did I use? I started with Bel Air in the crease, a matt honey shade. Then Girls Bite on the outer corner and blended in Rowdy, metallic chocolates and caramel tones. I finished with My Treat across the lid, a light shimmery white gold. I really like how it turned out, and have been playing with taking this palette in a bolder, more smokey and dramatic directions since.

What do you think? Like it? If you’ve used this palette, I’d love to see what you did with it! Talk to me in the comments.

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