The Only Blush You Need: Buxom Cosmetics

Finding the perfect blush can be a bit like looking for the Holy Grail. Some are too colour rich and leave you looking like a 4 year old did your makeup, others you have to put so much on to get a result and then they look too pink, too orange… I want something that looks really natural, but like the best version of natural. Enter Buxom Cosmetics Wanderlust range and their Dolly blush.

This one is infused with a primer, which I think is why it blends so well and lasts. I feel like this one somehow gives me a bit more definition and cheekbones as well. In the picture you can see that it’s a pink based blush and it does have a full colour pay off. I was a little worried about how it would apply, but it actually blends on really smoothly. I’m super impressed with it and have thrown out almost all my old blushes. I think this one suits justabout everyone and you can build the colour a bit for evening if you want to.

I can’t wait to try a bunch of other things from this new brand. They have such a fun pin up meets steam punk aesthetic and their products are beautiful. It retails at Sephora Canada for $30cad and you can shop for it HERE.

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