Last Days Of Summer: Coral OOTD and Bubble Tea by the Sea

This Summer I kept seeing the colour coral everywhere. It’s a pretty cute and happy shade, so I wasn’t mad about it. A kind of pink orange or orange pink, but bright and sunny too. Obviously, I bought this coral tank and a pair of coral trainers to hit the trend, but I actually have a pair of heels and some short shorts in the colour too.

I guess that some people (not me) might be sick of the milennial pink everything trend, and this shade is a cute alternative. It also looks really nice against sun bronzed skin. In my case, my skin is about one shade more brown than it was at the start of the Summer season. lol. I was the colour of milk, and now I’m the colour of milk tea.

Speaking of which, this is the first year that I’ve had bubble tea. There’s a great place near our place that’s on the way to the beach. Pick one up on the way to watching the sun set. Pictured below is my favourite, called Lazy Kitten. It has the cutest kitten marshmallow as a garnish, and it’s a milk tea with cocoa. SO delicious.

There are some cute coral shades in makeup this year, but I like to match coral with bronze, which is a bit more wearable and perhaps a more perennial shade than coral. Try out Colourpop Cosmetics, for their I Think I Love You eyeshadow palette $16 USD HERE. It’s pretty versitile and fun, and I’ve been wearing it all Summer. This lip colour is also from Colourpop, one of their cute and comfortable to wear Lippie Stix in After Shock $6 USD HERE.

Colorpop’s big birthday range this year was all things watermelon, which kind of fits with the coral tone trend. Either way, highly reccommend teaming it all with bubble tea, your favourite person and a sun set.

Notes on the OOTD: Trainers are from Reebok Classics, the coral tank and denim shorts are from Old Navy, the earrings are Tudor Roses from Westminster Abbey museum store and the grey cardi is super soft and is from Zara.

4 thoughts on “Last Days Of Summer: Coral OOTD and Bubble Tea by the Sea

  1. Cordelia.

    Milennial pink was fun while it lasted. Omg, your bubble tea is so NICE!? it even has marshmallow and cocoa! I’m obsessed with bubble tea and so is everyone around me (you literally see at least 20 people carrying their bbt everytime you go out), its kinda terrifying because think of the diabetes eek! Your lippie is so pretty! Welcome, Autumn!

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    1. I like millennial pink, but it’s nice to have other options too. Omg, it is so delicious! It’s popular here too. But I do find it kind of sweet, I usually ask for less sugar. It’s also a HUGE cup. 😂 And thank you. ♥️ Welcome to the next season….

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