Transition Dressing: Things I Love This Week

It’s been a bit of a nothing week this week. As I write this, it’s raining and I’m sitting at my desk with a cup of creamy coffee. It’s the kind of week where you get things done, where you cozy up and start thinking of Autumn and what you might wear for Halloween, but nothing is really planned and nothing exotic is happening. It’s transition weather. It’s starting to feel less like Summer, but it’s not cool enough to really bust out the cute chunky knits yet.

The best options for this kind of weather are things that you can layer up but that look cute separately too. A basic crisp white tee is a must. Goes with jeans, shorts, and looks cute under blazers or knits if you need it to. This one is from Core Life at Hudson’s Bay and is currently on major sale, HERE.

Leggings are also always a good option. I’m kind of obsessed with these ones from Ardene. They’re under $10, and come in a range of patterns and plain colours. The thing I love about them though is that they’re not super thin, but they are incredibly supersoft! The leopard pair I have are on sale HERE and these cute floral ones are on sale HERE, both under $4!! They’re cozy, but not like fleecy so they’re not too warm, but feel a bit lux. I really like them.

In new beauty favourites this week, I tried out some new things and played with an old favourite. These eyeshadow guards are kind of odd but also wonderful. Sephora Reusable Eyeshadow Guards $10.50 HERE. They come in this cute little case, and when you’re doing a bold look, you stick them on under your eye and they catch your eyeshadow fall out. They’re funny because they feel jelly like and sticky and kind of mushy, but I really like them. They work, and because they’re reusable, you just wash them, rather than throw them away. I found them really helpful.

Also, I used my Colourpop Disney Designer lipstick in Cinderella this week for the first time, $8 usd HERE. It’s kind of a vintage pink, and pretty flattering. I guess it’s not surprise that I love this range of lipsticks because this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about them, but again, it’s creamy, flattering, lasts, and has cute and durable packaging. Huge fan.

Finally, statement earrings from Orlaith Earrings, which I now have three pairs of and absolutely love. Orlaith are a small business and their earrings are fun, light, bright, and ship worldwide. These are under $20, and the best place to shop them is the Instagram account HERE. Tell them I sent you…. I love these and get loads of compliments when I wear them. They’re a pink marble style, but they’re plastic so they’re light, almost like you’re not wearing them at all, so super comfortable. I feel like these go with so many things I own.

Finally, this eyeshadow palette is one that I’ve had for a while, and it’s just a drug store one, but I think it creates a flattering look. A light smokey eye with shades of grey, purple and a grey-green. As far as I can tell, it’s a discontinued item so I can’t link it but, it’s Revlon CustomEyes five shade palette in Rich Temptations.

I guess nothing in this blog post is a major style revolution or anything, but I really like all these things, and it’s been a quiet week.

What are you loving lately?

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