Can Beauty Towels Revolutionise Your Beauty Routine? 2 Products I love from Deva Curl and Afterspa

I like to try new products, and often I’m really drawn to something that smells and feels good and comes in a cute, lux box. In that context, towels aren’t really that exciting right? But then I tried the DevaCurl Anti-Frizz Microfibre DevaTowel and the Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover, both of which are towels that make big claims. But will they really change your life and your beauty routine? I kinda think so.

I was sent the Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover towel in the Glossybox beauty subscription box. It’s a soft towel with really fine fibres, and the claim is that it can remove all your makeup without needing anything more than water. If you have heard of Afterspa, they’re actually an Australian brand, and have some cute beauty that’s all about being natural and not testing on animals. (You can check their site out HERE)

The towel comes in 2 sizes and three colours, the mini one that I have does my whole face easily, and it retails for $3.44 on iHerb (a site I haven’t heard of before, but they also have the larger one for $6.88) Purchase HERE.

What’s so great about it? Well, if you’re someone who uses makeup wipes, this is a really great alternative. It’s better for your skin because it doesn’t have the bleaches and chemicals that a lot of makeup wipes have and it’s a lot less harsh. Not having to use anything other than water means that it’s not stripping your skin. It’s also better for the environment, because those makeup wipes are doing quite a bit of damage once you throw them away as well as being wasteful because of their disposable nature.

But does it work? Incredibly, yes it does! I wasn’t expecting much, but it actually removed all my foundation, eyemakeup and and even my waterproof liner and mascara with ease. When you’re done you just throw it in your washing maching, and all the makeup washes out easily and it’s ready to use again. What’s not great about it? You need to wash it after each use, which means that if you want to use it all the time, I would reccommend getting a few of them.

I am a girl with curls. And while I really love my hair, fighting frizz and finding products that actually work on my hair and do what they’re meant to is kind of a nightmare. I came across DevaCurl’s DevaTowel on Sephora recently snd decided to go for it. It’s a micro fibre towel, though the box looks small it’s a full size towel, in a cute grey colour and has a little loop for you to hang it up with.

If you don’t know DevaCurl, they’re a brand (click HERE for their site) that specialises in curly hair products, with products for everything from tight kinky curls to looser waves.

What’s so great about it? If you’re a curly haired person, you’ll know that often air drying hair is the only way to keep the curl defined. Most of us dry our hair gently with a towel with a kind of ipward scrunching motion, but the average towel can sometimes not absorb enough water and leave hair with frizz and flyaways and sometimes static. The DevaTowel is really great at absorbing wetness and working with curly hair to make sure that frizz is avoided.

Does it work? You’d think that a towel just for your hair would be a gimick, but actually it really does work and I love it. I have to use to many conditioners and serums and things on my hair and even then I fight frizz all the time, but this towel has really helped with that. What’s not great about it? I don’t really have any complaints about this product, but it was $27 CAD which might make it pricey if you just wanted to try it out (purchase HERE or on Sephora’s site). But you only really need to buy it once and I really love mine.

So there you have it, towels can be exciting and game changing. Who knew? If you’ve tried either of these, I’d love to know if you liked them as much as I did, or hated them. Or even if you’ve tried anything else from these brands. Let me know in the comments below.

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