Librarian Chic? Tetris Eyeshadow Palette and Winter OOTD.

Sometimes I feel like Winter dressing is not as much fun, because when it’s truly cold, staying warm sometimes ends up getting precedence over looking nice. And I think as a petite person, I feel a bit overwhelmed by thick layers, and my figure gets lost in them. But in this case, I think Winter style has worked out well. I teamed a cute knit that’s thin but warm from Gap with a cute pencil skirt and thick tights. Also, I cheered up the darker days with a new eyeshadow palette and lipstick from Ipsy and Oryza.

A little flatlay so you can see the “ingredients”. This skirt has a nice pocket at the front, which I love. I can fit my phone in there, and the button details are so cute too. It’s one I picked up second hand, but the top is brand new. I love these super soft tanks are under $6 at the moment in the sale, HERE. I have a few of these tanks, and I don’t know what it is, but the cut is super flattering. This print has white birds and winter flowers.

See? Pockets!

This waffle knit in the shade oatmeal is from the Gap, and it’s not overly thick, but it’s totally warm and cozy. I love it. I got mine last year, but they still have it HERE for $118 cad.

This is super cute and fun makeup I used in this look. Pretty different, huh?

This lipstick is from Oryza Beauty and is shade Japonica, $27 HERE. Oryza is a brand that I hadn’t come across before, but they focus on sustainability, natural ingredients and are good for people with sensitive skin. This one came in a beauty subscription box, and while it looks a bit orange but it’s a nice coffee colour. I think you could call it a nude, but it actually reminds me more of the kind of lipstick colours that were popular in the 90s, something Rachel on Friends would wear. I’m not a fan of nude shades, but this feels like something else, and I like it.

You may have seen this palette around, the Tetris Palette from Ipsy. This is the Game On palette, there was also a Block Party palette that has more pink and purple toned shades, (t’s pretty but more conventional). There are also other items including makeup brushes and more themed products, for the 35th anniversary of the game Tetris, if you’re curious and want to see more, take a look HERE. I think this is a really fun and different meet up of concepts, but it wasn’t for general sale, but part of the Ipsy beauty subscription box. I’m not a subscriber but a friend gave me this palette beacuse she is a wonderful person.

I like that this palette has some unusual shades. For this look, I put the neutral shade Stack It Up all over, then the mustard shade Game Changer in the crease with the shade Game Night on the lid. This is a really odd green yellow metallic, which I think is such an odd colour, but I actually love it. Then I used the dark blue Game Over on the outer corner. I blended it a bit so it’s kind of taken the mustard shade and is a bit more green. I really like that. I think these colours are fun and quite true to the pans. I think they blend pretty well and last nicely, but I know some people had complaints about the quality. Since this post, I have used the shade Game Day and Game Over together, and they’re so great. The pinks are slightly pearly when you put them on, and they’re super retro and fun.

So, this was a fun cozy look, and I loved messing around with new makeup, which is a fun indoor sport to do when it’s cold. I really like how different the shadow palette is, I didn’t think mustard yellow was an eye shadow colour I needed or could wear, and yet, now I really love this palette. And it was nice to pull a new tank and team it with things I already had to have a new outfit. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear, but clearly that’s not really the truth! Let me know what you think in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Librarian Chic? Tetris Eyeshadow Palette and Winter OOTD.

    1. Marianne

      “A wonderful person” I don’t know about that! Haha you are the sweetest! So glad you’re getting such good use from the palette, it has such a fun colour story 😊 And of course, I already have several goodies to send to you again here in a little while 😁

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