Spring Clean Your Life: I’m Sick Of This Shit by Tricia Sitemere.

When Tricia reached out to me about her book, she came across as warm, smart and funny. I felt like I knew her, immediately, somehow. (Probably because she loves red lipstick like I do!) I said, “OK, what’s this book?” She said “It’s called ‘I’m Sick Of This Shit'”. I thought that was hilarious. I was in. And if you’ve gotten to February and feel like you’re ready for Spring, ready for change, have broken all your New Years resolutions… well, this book is for you.

Tricia Sitemere has a background in HR and she knows how it feels to have studied and graduated only to look around you and think… now what? She also knows what it’s like to be frustrated, to want change and to not know where to start or how to get it. I think that’s a wall we all hit in life. You can be lucky, like me, and know what you do want to do, and still not know where to start… But you can’t stay where you are if you’re miserable.

This book isn’t just positive platitudes and a pep talk. It’s got great exercises to help you break things down, find what you want to do, and draw up a plan for how to get it. I liked how practical it was. It reminded me of Wishcraft by Barbara Sher and some of Tony Robbins, but rather than loads of pages and concepts to work through, it’s more simple. It’s like a friend sat down with you, with a note book and pen, and talked to you, and gave you really good advice. A friend who knows what they’re talking about. A profesional who knows what works and doesn’t pad it out with rah-rah bullshit. Because this book is like a friend and a notebook in one. It has little places you can write your thoughts out in and work through the steps.

If you’ve always wanted to do something, but haven’t known where to start, or if you hate your job and want change but you’re scared, then consider this book. It really helps break things down, helps you move through your fears and know where to start. While it is aimed at career, I think it’s ideas hold true to loads of other areas of your life too. And it’s not written by some guru, it’s written by someone who has worked in HR. She’s a real person who has been there, done this herself, and helped others to do it too.

Tricia Sitemere is available as a Career and Fulfilment Coach and when she asked me to share her book with you, she asked for some of my time and got on the phone with me. That’s really unusual and also, really fun. We’re planning on getting together over on Instagram and talking some more to share our motivation with you, so look out for that coming soon. In the meantime, you can find out about her on her website HERE or buy the book HERE. You can also find it on Amazon. On Instagram, you’ll find her HERE.

I feel like this post has sounded a lot like an ad, and Tricia did send me her book gratis so that I could read it and review it. She didn’t ask me to talk her up, or even to share her site with you, but I like sharing my honest opinions with you guys, and I honestly really liked her and like sharing positive, motivational things with you guys. So, as always, all opinions here are my own, honest ones.

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