Staying In: Lounge Update with Photowall

I’m so happy to have been asked to collaborate with Photowall because I was feeling like since we have our couch and side board in place, we had a nice lounge space but it was really bare. And then Photowall offered to send me something to help make our space more of a home, and you can too using code CRAVENWILD2020 for 25% off (until April 25th). Head to their International HERE or UK site HERE. Being able to “nest” at the moment and make home a little more friendly is something I appreciate at a time when I’m staying home, so I’m grateful for that, even though we organised this collaboration before all this pandemic really got started.

Photowall is a Swedish company that delivers to a huge range of countries. I picked out two framed photos from a huge range of styles and subjects, and these are also available in poster or canvas print form. You can also have your own photo as a canvas or print. They have an absolutely stunning rang e of murals and wallpapers that I absolutely LOVE, too.

Here I blurred out the two art cards that aren’t from Photowall so that you can see the Victorian garden botanical drawing and herd of wild horses photo that I chose. I love how these look. They are beautifully mounted and framed and were easy to hang. I ordered the smaller size of these, but you can get them in a range of sizes. To have a browse through their framed prints, click HERE.

My lounge doesn’t have a window directly to the outside, so it has a very cozy vibe and I’ve played that up with timber and old fashioned touches, with images and items that reflect nature which is just outside out window here in Vancouver. I quite like how the Spring afternoon sunshine falls through here.

Grim makes his contribution to the collaboration by posing (or getting in the way, depending on how you look at it).

Prices for these framed prints start at £56/$78, with the posters starting at £22 and canvas at £38. To take a look at the Victorian Garden print I chose, click HERE or to see the Wild Horse Herd photograph, click HERE. Talking to this brand during this collaboration, I was really impressed by their clear communication and the ease of use of their site. And I fell in love with so many things on their site, I really wish that we weren’t renting so that I could use their wallpaper on our bedroom wall and have birds and trees decorating a feature wall.

I highly recommend this company. If you are isolating at home, there are some great home decorating ideas and products on this site, you could update your place while you Stay Home. You can use code CRAVENWILD2020 to get 25% off til April 25th. And thank you, Photowall.

This isn’t an ad, but it is sponsored, and all opinions here are my own honest opinions.

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