OOTD: Back To The Movies and a Quarantine Haircut.

Last week, our local cinema opened it’s doors again, with a bunch of sensible social distancing and safety measures to ensure a Covid safe viewing experience. For me, who loves going to the movies so much, it felt like a huge sign. Things are slowly coming back to life again and maybe everything is going to be ok. Or we can hope it will be. Ha ha! This is a post about what I wore, and what beauty products I love right now.

I also gave myself a gentle quarantine haircut, just trimming ends, and then watched some Vidal Sassoon tutorials on YouTube to see how to cut a little style into my hair, with some slight layers to frame my face. It’s not perfect, but since I held back and just trimmed, it’s also not too bad. I feel like my hair in a pony tail looks more full. So that’s neat. I don’t recommend doing your own haircut, though, if you don’t have to!

I tried out two new makeup products this week.

  • Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara, which isn’t a lash extension product, but gives great full, long lashes and doesn’t clump. The tube is cute too. It feels heavy and lux, and is a cute teal green. It’s $24 and you can shop it HERE. The brand is vegan, cruelty free and raise money for women’s causes, which is pretty cool.
  • I also pulled out a lip scrub from Trifle Cosmetics in Sugar Bunny, $9 HERE. It’s a nice product that exfoliates dry lips, which is just what I need this Summer, and is perfect to prep lips before lipstick to help it last longer. It’s practical, but also super adorable with it’s quirky bunnies printed on the tube. Very cute.

What I Wore:

  • Colourpop Lipstick in Maleficent: I love lipsticks from this brans, and this one lasted really well through popcorn, soda and other movie snacks. It’s a really nice shade, based on the Disney Villain from Sleeping Beauty, and has a dark, retro fuschia tone. $9 HERE.
  • Le Chateau Plaid Pants with slight flare: these are perfect quarantine and movie watching pants. The slight flare and soft plaid means they go well with a tee or a business shirt and they lengthen the look of your legs. And they stretch. So you look like you’re dressed, but you’re as comfortable as you are in your sweats. Shop Le Chateau HERE.
  • Guardians For Australia fundraiser tee from Bungie: If it’s crew neck, I chop the neck out. See the picture above. This one was a tee to raise funds to help Australia after the insane bushfires. Remember those fires? Seems like a long time ago…. If you’re into gaming, Bungie is pretty great and has a bunch of Destiny themed merch. HERE.
  • Sunglasses from Betty And Veronica: this store is no more. Which is a trafedy, honestly, and also means I can’t link them for you.

It was so good to be back at the movies and doing something uplifting and kinda normal again. I saw Bloodshot and Birds Of Prey because I was so happy about it, I went twice. Reviews of those movies are over on my other blog, if you’re curious about what I thought. What are you missing about normal, before-all-this life?

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