Berry Toned Makeup Look and Leopard Print

I love berry tones. I feel like they’re a nice choice for Autumn/Fall, as the leaves change and the days shorten. They feel cozy and bright, but also warm. Which is what this time of year is all about, getting into more cozy pursuits, but the days are still often beautiful and sunny. I came up with this look from things that I got recently. The lipstick and eyeshadow palette were a gift from a friend and fellow makeup obsessive. And the highlighter was in a beauty box.

Shop the look:


  • Estate Cosmetics Dew Me Baked Highlighter Powder in shade Pearl $10. This is an insane steal product at $10. It’s a really pearly, white toned shade. Maybe not for everyone, but I like a highlighter that you can see from space. Shop HERE.
  • Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick in shade Stephanie Plum $20.99. The names on these lip crayons are wonderful. This one is named for the Janet Evanovich penned books. And it is a bold, plum red. I really like it. It’s bold but wearable, last pretty well, and doesn’t dry your lips out. I feel like it’s bright but not attention seeking. Shop HERE.
  • Lancome Colour Design eyeshadow palette in Be Audacious (approx $60). This range of shades is smooth and buildable, which is nice because you can use this as a soft wash of colour for day, or build a little smoulder for night. These shades of purple/brown and soft dusky pinks is to die for. I can’t find this particular palette in store. I think Nordstrom might have it, or you can buy individual shades HERE.


  • Earrings were a birthday gift, from Betsey Johnson. Tiny little black cat studs with gold whiskers. So cute.
  • Ardene Leopard Print Sweater. I got this in a Medium and it’s huge and soft and slightly furry. I also love that it’s a light leopard print, a snow leopard print, if you will. I think it’s really fun and cozy. This was from last year.

I’m in a reading books and drinking coffee head space at the moment. How about you? Do you love berry tones in Autumn?

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