Influenster: Garnier Green Labs Brightening Serum and Gel Wash

Thanks to Influenster, I recently received a box from Garnier with some products from a new range of theirs called Green Labs. They sent me a 3 in 1 moisturiser and a gel wash, both of which with Brightening ingredients for even skin tone. Green Labs ranges combine superfoods and natural ingredients that are good for the skin, but are kind to the planet. There are three ranges, Brighten, Replump or Perfect Pores, for different skin types and concerns. Each moisturiser is designed to hydrate for 24 hours and be fast-absorbing. The 3 in 1 means a simplified beauty routine and it’s also vegan.

I was sent the Pinea-C set, which has pineapple and vitamin C. The moisturizers in these ranges are 3 in 1, which is they are touting as a first. They contain a 24 hour moisturiser, a serum, and an spf 30 sunscreen. As you can see in the pic above, the box that the moisturiser comes in is a lot larger than the bottle inside, which I don’t love. Feels misleading. It’s not scented, and does go on nicely and melt in. It has that slight sticky feel that sunscreen has, but I do like having the sunscreen in my moisturiser already. So, I think it’s a pretty good product. I was able to wear makeup over the top, and that worked fine. But I did have a little break out on my chin after using this in combination with having to wear a mask everywhere at the moment. I have combination skin though, so this might not be true for everyone.

The gel wash I would definitely buy again. It’s really gentle on skin, but removes makeup well and left my skin feeling really clean, but not tight or dried out. It is more sort of runny than you’d expect a gel wash to be, but a little goes a long way. It has more of a scent than the other product. You’d expect it to smell like pineapple or something, but it just smells green. Like young leaves. But it’s a faint smell.

On the whole, I liked these products and I’m glad that I got to try them. They’re really not bad, and if you’re into the vegan beauty trend, definitely one to try. With the three ranges, there should be something for every skin type. And if you like no-fuss beauty routines, this one is a neat two steps. (Generally my tastes are more lux, but these products aren’t bad at all) The moisturisers retail for about $24cad and the wash is $14, depending on the store you shop at.

So, thanks to Influenster and Garnier for sending me these products to try. If you’ve tried these or one of the other sets, I’d love to know what you thought of it. Comment below.

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