Style/Beauty: Black Cats and Balcony Gardening

With everything going on in the world and the pandemic, I’ve been staying close to home lately. Hence the cozy outfit. I haven’t been really dressing up and going places, because it’s safer at home and things are closed. But I have been up to a few things this last week and I have the details of this look for you as well. I think sometimes dressing up a comfortable outfit with some cute accessories and putting on makeup, even if you’re not going to see anyone, really helps with feeling bright, awake and on top of things. And it’s kind of fun to try out new looks at home too.

I bought some more plants for my balcony garden. I really like these terracotta pots. Most of my pots don’t match or anything, but I’m really tempted to change over to these over time. They’re so pretty. And only $4. Heavy though. At the nursery I picked up mojito mint, white sage, chocolate mint and catnip. After one week they’ve almost doubled in size, which is really nice. I’ve been learning a lot about growing things, so while it’s maybe not as exciting as going out, it feels pretty rewarding. It’s really nice being able to make sachets for my closet with home grown lavender and use mint and rosemary in cooking that I grew myself. So that’s something.

My cat had his birthday recently. Grim is growing up! ha ha! I didn’t have a party or anything, I’m not a complete crazy cat lady, but it feels like making a small celebration out of anything is a good thing right now. He really hates it when I make him be in a photo with me. As you can tell from the look on his face… ha ha!

Books and movies are also really helpful at the moment. I got this great stack from Hachette, so look out for reviews of these on the blog soon. Unintentionally, they kind of all match with their blue and grey spines. Yes, I miss going to the theatre and the baseball, but it is really fun to bingewatch series (Golden Girls, Sabrina and Murder, She Wrote are really great escapism) or sink into a stack of good books.

This sweater and leggings are both from Ardene, which is a cheaper clothing store, but I like them for some of their basics. These are really soft and cozy! Which is what you want when you’re curling up and working from home. My necklace is from Le Chateau, which sadly are closing down. ( I did buy quite a few things in their clearance sale) My black cat earrings are from Dangerpins on Etsy and are such a steal, under $10 cad HERE. I’m wearing the Colourpop Making Mauves eyeshadow palette, which is such a favourite, HERE. I wear it a lot. And my lipstick is a crayon style one in a matte berry shade. It’s from Sugar Cosmetics in shade Stephanie Plum $20 HERE.

So, that’s me this week. Have you tried Sugar Cosmetics before? And what are you reading or watching? Let me know in the comments.

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