Easter Feels

Spring is definitely here. All the plants on my balcony have loads of growth on them, and the cherry blossoms and daffodils are blooming all over my neighbourhood. We’ve had some really nice sunny days. I took a bit of a break over Easter. I had a really good time just going for walks and doing a little shopping. I had a riding lesson as well. I laid around a lot and read books. And took naps. It was really nice. So no major fashion/beauty looks this time.

Down at the barn on Easter Sunday. Rose, the horse I rode for my lesson, has a post workout drink. She’s a really beautiful girl.

For Easter, my man and I went to our favorite local chocolate shop. Rocky Mountain Chocolate has, I think, three branches. One is in Vancouver and I love to visit. You can smell the rich chocolate as you reach their front door. I picked up these adorable box of Easter chocolate bombs. The little lamb with coconut fleece really made me smile. (Rocky Choc has delivery and they also have Doordash)

Rocky Choc is also famous locally for their beautifully creative candy apples coated with chocolate and more. Delicious.

While we were doing our Easter shopping, I decided to spoil myself. I dropped into Miniso, which is such a fun store. They have all kinds of things. I love their facemasks and stationery, but they have things for pets, makeup, gadgets and adorable toys and homewares. They label themselves a variety store, which covers a lot. They have things from Marvel, Disney, Adventure Time, Hello Kitty and We Bare Bears as well. I got some adorable scrubs and sheet masks, as you can see. Miniso is a bit dangerous for me because they have seriously adorable things and they’re not pricey, so I get a little overexcited and buy loads. I also dropped into a Japanese supermarket, and got some Pocky and things. I saw that they had Sakura tea, which is cherry blossom to the uninitiated, and it’s been fun to try it out. I quite like it.

I hope that you had as nice a week as I had. If you celebrate Easter, I hope that you had a really good one, and if you took a break, I hope that it was restful. These cherry blossom are street trees here, and I love them. They’re absolutely beautiful. And of course, daffodils. Everywhere. They’re so cheerful and hopeful. I hope that you’re all safe and well.

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