Simple, Cozy Nature Themed Sewing Projects

These are some small embroidery and sewing projects I whipped up this week that I thought I’d share with you guys. I know I often do outfits and things but I haven’t left the house all that much. So, a photo of me in a tee just didn’t feel up to my usual standards. But I have been working on some fun things.

This little Scottie dog and bluebird bird are hand embroidered. They come from vintage patterns that were popular in I think the 50s. Very midcentury. The patterns were really cute, but I was still surprised by how well they turned out. The stitches in these are really basic, but really effective. I think these patterns would be cute embroidered on a pillow case or on a plain tee or sweater. So I might try that out. I have a bunch of these patterns and I’m looking forward to trying out different ones. A lot of these patterns are in the public domain now too.

I really like small felt sewing projects. I like that they come together quickly and you’re not taking on a huge project. I think they make great decorations, and they’re light so they’re great small gifts to mail to people. I really like this little fox. Her expression turned out so cranky, which makes me smile. I have her on a book shelf, and she looks really sweet. I was thinking if you used some different colours, you could also adapt a pattern like this into a raccoon, which would be really cute.

I’ve been working on a few things lately, but these have been fun, relaxing things to make while watching a movie. So that’s something that I’ve been up to that I thought I’d share with you. It’s funny, I didn’t really notice until I uploaded the pictures that they’re all animal themed. I guess I like animals and nature a lot in creative projects.

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