New Olive Oil Shower Gel from Naturelle Cosmetics

Big thank you to Naturelle Cosmetics for getting in touch and sending me this Olive Oil based Shower and Bath Gel. It seems that they’re just breaking into the market here in the UK, and they’re all about natural, organic ingredients sourced locally and from Europe. Find out more about them on their website HERE. They have quite a range of interesting products.


OK, my friends, so Olive Oil Shower Gel, what’s that all about? As you can see above, the product kind of looks like an oil in the bottle, but when you glunk it out, it’s definitely a gel! It foams up like you’d expect a shower gel to do, and it does the job of getting you clean.

A lot of you must be aware that Olive Oil has been used on the skin and hair for centuries, because of the many benefits it has of soothing sun-drenched and dried out skin and hair, so I guess this product should be no surprise really. It definitely has a leafy scent, but it’s not over poweringly olive-y, which is a good thing. Honestly, I think I still prefer more feminine, floral or fruity scents. I’m quite girly like that. (I also feel like the packaging is a bit “casual”, it doesn’t feel very robust)


But the other health benefits of Olive Oil are that it eases tired muscles, aids circulation and has loads of antioxidants that kills of those free radicals that make us age. So for those of you who love natural products and love your yoga or the gym, this could be a great item for you. My boyfriend is a big gym bunny, so I handed it to him to see if it helped. He noticed that the dry feeling of his skin is not as bad, and he likes the more masculine, grassy scent that it has. He thinks it helped soothe his muscles a bit too. So it was a success there.


With it’s focus on all organic ingredients, and natural products (like all those coffee scrubs you’re seeing everywhere) Naturelle Cosmetics could be the place for you. I find their site really pretty overall, but some of the wording seems to have been badly translated, some of the photographs look a little dodgy, and the Olive Oil Shower Gel they have on their site looks different to the one I was sent (the one pictured is old stock, and will be updated). It retails for around £7.55 and you can find it HERE, as well as a full list of it’s benefits. Or you can browse the rest of their site HERE. I also think they’re Instagram is really pretty, if you want to check that out, click HERE.

As stated above, I was sent this product for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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