MOTD: Disney Designer Belle Set from Colorpop Cosmetics.

Colorpop was not a brand that you could get in London, but I had already heard a lot about it before I got to Canada. When I saw that they had a range of Disney themed items out, I had to try them out! (And currently at 20% off)

A friend of mine loves their range, but I wasn’t sure what to expect for the price. This set is part of the Disney Designer range, which you can buy as individual items or in a collection like this one, which contains an eyeshadow, lipstick and gloss for $18. I have to say, I was drawn in by the seriously cute packaging. I love the way that the classic Disney princesses are drawn in cute designer outfits.

There are a range of these, from Snow White to Tiana, but I chose Belle, partly because I love her and partly because I liked the dusky rose shades. Snow White has an apple red lipstick, Jasmine a beautiful exotic fuschia. Aurora is sadly absent from the line up. I really like the creativity that went into creating these colours. (There are also Disney Villains makeup items and sets, which are also super fun and worth checking out)

So, they look pretty, but are they any good? Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect for the price. But when the box arrived, I was happily surprised. The lipstick comes in a metal bullet, which feels heavy and durable, not what I expected at the price. The eyeshadow was way more highly pigmented than makeup that I own that cost more, and the lipstick was a true colour and lasted pretty well. I was expecting the lip gloss to be thinner, but it also has a true and strong colour, and wasn’t too sticky. I have to say, I’m really impressed with the quality.

I really like this set, and I’m so glad I bought it. I’ve been wearing the lipstick or the gloss or both everywhere since it arrived. I think the rose tones are really femine and flattering, but not so pink that it looks too little girl princessy. To me, this whole collection is really fun and feels more Old Hollywood glamour than cartoon. I like that the Belle lipstick and the Last Petal lipgloss are just a bit richer than nude, they’re so wearble. (I also bought the Snow White lipstick and the Wicked Queen Bad Apple lip gloss, which are more dramatic shades)

Like I mentioned up top, these are all currently on sale for 20% off, which makes it a great time to buy them. This was my first Colorpop buy, but I think they’re really fun and affordable, without skimping on quality, so it won’t be my last purchase from them. This Belle set really made my week when it arrived and I will be wearing it all season.

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