Yoga Wisdom by Stephanie Spence

Stephanie Spence’s book Yoga Wisdom has so many stories in it. It celebrates the way that yoga as a practice centres us and helps us find ourselves and navigate life’s darker times. The thread that holds this book together is Spence’s own story. A woman who was outwardly successful, with a fabulous magazine pubishing job and a handsome husband, was hiding a damaged soul. She was in an abusive relationship with a controlling man, and because it felt so familiar, she didn’t recognise how wrong things were until one day she just had to break out of the cycle. And that was just the beginning. That journey is detailed in this book, as well as all the yoga teachers she met along the way, each with something unique to teach her about life. This book shows that we all have things to survive and we all are on a journey into our selves, to find the way home to our centre, our soul. Hard times are inevitable, but how we survive them is up to us.

The first thing I noticed on receiving this book is how pretty it is! I love the rainbow mandala style cover and inside, the book is full of beautiful photographs. This book is a pleasure to look through and you can dip in and out of it for inpiration if you want to.

As a reviewer, I started at the start, though, and read through. I liked the layout of the book. The titles within the chapter and in the interviews, certain phrases are highlighted to jump out at you. I felt like Spence has a really important story to tell, that even though someone’s life may look great from the outside, it might not be that enviable on the inside, and also that abuse and trauma can happen to anyone, rich or poor, educated or not. Also, abusive relationships are not just physical abuse. Abuse of power is very damaging, and words can do a lot.

That said, the book is about the life journey and it is a personal book, but it focuses on the warrior tale, the stories of people who have loved through things and how yoga has helped them do that. It’s not depressing, it’s not a horror story, it’s very uplifting and positive, and I really enjoyed reading it. It made me feel good.

I did enjoy the interviews, but I found some of them a bit repetitive. There are a lot of them and since they’re all about yoga, they tend to say very similar things about the way that the breath is important and how yoga helps you centre and manage trauma. I don’t think that this is a bad thing at all, and of course, it’s true it does help. But sometimes the words used are really similar, though there are also lots of people who tell more personal stories about their lives, too.

I think this book would be a really great gift. If you know someone who loves yoga, they will love this. If you know someone who loves mind/body/spirit type books, they will love this. And if you know someone who has been through a lot and you think yoga will help, or if you know someone who is just starting out in their yoga practice, I think this would also be a really great gift. Of course, you might be one of these people yourself, in which case, you can always buy it as a gift for yourself! It’s a really pretty and uplifting book, and I enjoyed reading it.

Read It If: one for the yoga crowd, or if you’ve been through a lot and want to start yoga as a practice. Very beautifully bound book that feels uplifting and positive.

I was sent this book by for review, and all opinions are honest and my own. If you like the sound of this book, check our Stephanie Spence’s website:

or you can purchase the book here on Amazon:

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